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High on Autumn - Cosmopolitan Indonesia - September 2010 bday edition

model : simona, olga @ 21 mm, katya talanova @ SUM
fashion editor : lily marpaung
asst.fashion editor : shirleen trianasari
makeup and hairdo : nana and piter
dekorator : amarilis floral and party decorator
photo asst. : teguh prabowo

Max Mara Fall winter 2010 - preview

Max mara - fall winter 2010 - PREVIEW
model : carina leps & natasha @ VTM
stylist : ara nizar
photo asst. : teguh prabowo

Jungle Book

model : akkas ercan @ Dna
stylist : leslie saint
asst. stylist : anggin
make up : adrian suryapradipa
hairdo : anto
photo assistant : teguh prabowo


Exhibit A : My funny undead friend with his loyalty to power

Exhibit A

Name : Unknown
Origin : Unknown

Story :
I meet him after he is dead. he come out of nowhere. undead. he is very funny, he said (or maybe "used to be funny"). he forgot about anything that happened before, he reclaims it. or maybe he never realize about anything around him while he still human. He loves power. strength. hitler. Nazi. war. conflict. Ego. He addicted and have a loyalty to power.

How become undead :
too funny about something that he told and fell off from the cliff. and return undead

(See and interpret this yourself with my words - explicitly or implicitly)