High on Autumn - Cosmopolitan Indonesia - September 2010 bday edition

model : simona, olga @ 21 mm, katya talanova @ SUM
fashion editor : lily marpaung
asst.fashion editor : shirleen trianasari
makeup and hairdo : nana and piter
dekorator : amarilis floral and party decorator
photo asst. : teguh prabowo

Max Mara Fall winter 2010 - preview

Max mara - fall winter 2010 - PREVIEW
model : carina leps & natasha @ VTM
stylist : ara nizar
photo asst. : teguh prabowo

Jungle Book

model : akkas ercan @ Dna
stylist : leslie saint
asst. stylist : anggin
make up : adrian suryapradipa
hairdo : anto
photo assistant : teguh prabowo


Exhibit A : My funny undead friend with his loyalty to power

Exhibit A

Name : Unknown
Origin : Unknown

Story :
I meet him after he is dead. he come out of nowhere. undead. he is very funny, he said (or maybe "used to be funny"). he forgot about anything that happened before, he reclaims it. or maybe he never realize about anything around him while he still human. He loves power. strength. hitler. Nazi. war. conflict. Ego. He addicted and have a loyalty to power.

How become undead :
too funny about something that he told and fell off from the cliff. and return undead

(See and interpret this yourself with my words - explicitly or implicitly)


Word Origin & History

"neither dead nor alive," c.1400, from un- (1) "not" + dead.

from : www.dictionary.reference.com

I'm addicted to Horror movies, zombies, alien and all other mythical beings, stories and case

But now.....it's seems so real or may i say become reality
Undead walking among the earth

not dead nor alive...........egocentric...too superior.......dictator.....crazy about power.....forgot about everything about anything around

dead among others, but alive in the world of his own

More and more everyday.....around me....around you....around us

soon this earth will become UNDEAD REALMS


DEW Magazine preview - Midnight Issue

DEW magazine - Midnight issue preview in www.designscene.net
Check it out !!

Fresh Face - Mona Blumtritt

A very unique face. Very cool but stunning

Mona Blumtritt

Photography and Styling : Bona Soetirto
Asst. Photographer : Teguh Prabowo


FLASHBACK - Girlfriend Magazine - September 2009

a fashion editorial for Girlfriend Magazine - September 2009

Photographer : Bona Soetirto
Asst. Photographer : Niki Yusuf N, Teguh Prabowo
Stylist : Nakita Massardi
Model : Alain Stewart, Jade
Location : Z Studio

Fashion TV (FTV) magazine - 1st edition - FRESH

Fashion TV (FTV) 1st edition editorial :

Creative Director : Peter Bannan
Photographer : Bona Soetirto
Asst. Photographer : Teguh Prabowo
Stylist : Shinta Handamari
Asst Stylist : Hakim Satriyo
Make up : Siung2
Models : Maria Agnes, Indah Kalalo, Nubia (Fame), Marco (21 mm)


Rahmah Umayya

Photography : Bona Soetirto
Asst. Photographer : Pramono N. Prakoso
Stylist : Erina Lebang
Make up and Hair do : Phillipe Karunia
Location : Jika Studio

Miss Mist

Bayu Risa - Promo material

Photography : Bona Soetirto
Stylist : Anindita Saryuf
Special thanks to Anto Toni&Guy

Promo material for singer "Bayu Risa"
check out his new single "Love song"
for further information, visit http://sinjitosstudio.blogspot.com/

Phoenix live in Jakarta

I'm very happy cause i got the chance to take picture and hangout with them, when they came here to Jakarta. not so long after that they win Grammy Awards. i fully respect you guys, you are great as a performer also nice as Individuals. Viva Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Tokyo Invertia

a very big urban city that lies across the ocean. Tokyo. Inverted to their realm. Muted. Tokyo Invertia

(Mad) night hatter

a (Mad) Night Hatter

Model : Jian Mason
Stylist : Chekka Cuomova
Location : JIKA studio, Jakarta, Indonesia

New Era

From now on will be "more picture less talk"

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